About Wecoline

Wecoline for a clean world.

Wecovi is working on a clean world. That’s why you come across our high-quality products everywhere. From hospital to cleaning company. From school building to shopping centre.


We are the leading, internationally oriented partner, reliable and sustainable, operating from family values.

Within Wecovi we have an eye for each other and an eye for quality.

“You notice that in our manners. We are transparent and like short lines. Cosiness is part of it, of course. But we work hard and are results-oriented.” Visscher took over the company from his father in 1997 and continued to build on its success. “Many of us know about the nonwoven canvases. We now offer a complete range of cleaning materials for the professional cleaning market.’’

By moving on time, Wecovi knows exactly what customers want. “Sustainable products are part of this. We take the environment into account while keeping an eye on the economic side.’’

Short-term results seem attractive. However, Visscher prefers to look to the future when investing. He also makes sustainable choices in this regard. Just like in personnel policy, where a great deal of attention is paid to health and personal development.

Thanks in part to powerful microfibre products, innovative floor pads and smart Clean ’n Easy cloths, Wecovi has built up a good reputation.’’

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