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‘We’ve been using Wecoline’s microfibre cloths for as long as I can remember’

Wouter van Zanten, commercial manager at DROS Cleaning services in the Netherlands

DROS Schoonmaakdiensten from Apeldoorn strives for sustainable relationships with clients, employees and suppliers. The company is doing well: since its founding in 1985, DROS Schoonmaakdiensten has grown into an organisation of 450 professionals with about 1,200 cleaning and maintenance projects a year. The company also values long-term supplier collaborations. For example, DROS Schoonmaakdiensten has been using Wecoline’s microfibre cloths for years, according to commercial manager Wouter van Zanten. ‘This is logical, because they provide excellent results at a competitive price.’

Commercial manager Wouter van Zanten has been working at DROS Schoonmaakdiensten for 10 years now (https://dros.nl) and as such is the ideal person to introduce the company. ‘DROS Schoonmaakdiensten was founded in 1985 by director/owner Ronald Dros, and today, from our office in Apeldoorn, we take care of about 1,200 cleaning projects every year in the Amersfoort, Zwolle, Arnhem, Deventer and Zutphen areas. We employ about 50 full-time employees who provide specialist cleaning, and we also employ over 375 part-time interior cleaning workers. Our organisation consists of both DROS Schoonmaakdiensten and DROS Schoonmaakartikelen, a wholesaler in cleaning products, cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. Of course, these two branches complement each other perfectly.’

Professionals and quality products

Wouter is quite proud of the impressive list of clients that DROS Schoonmaakdiensten has built over the years, including De Hoge Veluwe National Park, central heating installer Remeha, housing corporation De Goede Woning, the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep and various Owners’ Associations in the greater region. ‘For these parties, we take care of specialist cleaning tasks such as façade cleaning, window cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and, of course, interior cleaning. The fact that most relationships have existed for years is thanks to the knowledge and skills of our professionals and the high quality of the cleaning products that we use daily and periodically. For example, the products of Wecoline.’

Advantages of Wecoline microfibre cloths

All in all, there are quite a lot of Wecoline products in his colleagues’ work cabinets and trolleys, as Wouter himself realises on making a quick inventory. ‘We buy all types of brushes from Wecoline, from street brooms and soft brooms to the dustpan and brush: the mops, scourers, Forsage cloths and of course the microfibre cloths (link to blog). The reason is quite simple: the cleaning results from these cloths are excellent, the price is attractive and our staff are satisfied with the microfibres, which clean quickly, easily and efficiently. Another advantage of the microfibre cloths is that you basically only need water in a spray bottle to clean thoroughly. At DROS Schoonmaakdiensten, we choose to add a little interior cleaner to the water for a more pleasant scent. Anyone smelling a fresh scent knows that he or she is working, learning or exercising, for example, in a clean room.’ 

‘With Wecoline’s microfibre cloths, you only need water to clean thoroughly’

Years of cooperation

Wouter takes a very practical view of the years of cooperation between DROS Schoonmaakdiensten and Wecoline. ‘Our relationship with Wecoline’s account manager Marco Vegers is quite a natural one. Marco visits us a few times a year, informs me of new developments and product innovations and also ensures that our orders are delivered correctly and on time. So DROS Schoonmaakdiensten sees no reason at all to look for another supplier of high-quality cleaning products, such as Wecoline’s microfibre cloths.’

‘The cleaning results from Wecoline’s microfibre cloths are excellent, the price is attractive and our staff are satisfied with the ease of use’

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Fabian Soffers

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