Novon Schoonmaak

‘Every floor stays beautiful thanks to the Bright ’n Water pads’

Gilian van der Heide, assistant foreman at Novon Cleaning Zwolle in the Netherlands

Novon Schoonmaak (link to has proved for almost 30 years that professional cleaning is a profession in its own right. The more than 2,000 cleaning professionals who travel daily from its branches in Zwolle, Enter, Leeuwarden and Groningen also have the latest cleaning systems and the necessary knowledge to apply these systems optimally. For example, assistant foreman Gilian van der Heide recently used Wecoline’s Bright ’n Water pads when cleaning and maintaining floors. ‘Not only do we work faster and without chemicals, I now also have more options for meeting our customers’ needs.’

‘When cleaning, a lot of people think of a cloth and a bucket of soapy water. But professional cleaning goes so much further,’ says Gillian van der Heide (30). Gillian has been working in the cleaning industry for 10 years now and since 2020, he has been leading the specialist cleaning team as an assistant foreman at Novon Schoonmaak in Zwolle. ‘This includes, for example, window washing, façade cleaning and façade maintenance, deep cleaning, floor cleaning and floor maintenance. You get the best possible result from all these components if you employ expert cleaning professionals and use the best cleaning systems.’

Bright ’n Water pads

This is why Novon has recently begun to use Wecoline’s Bright ’n Water pads for the periodic cleaning and maintenance of floors in schools, care institutions and office buildings. ‘A clean and well-maintained floor has a huge impact on the overall appearance of a building. With Wecoline’s extensive collection of diamond pads, we can strip, seal and polish each floor effectively – from marble natural stone and marble composite tiles to Marmoleum, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and rubber, PVC and linoleum floors. All we need in cleaning and maintenance is some water and the right pads.’

‘All we need in floor cleaning and maintenance is some water and the right Bright ‘n Water pads’

In-company training

To ensure that Gilian and his 11 colleagues would make the most of the Bright ’n Water pads, they received training from senior account manager Marco Vegers (link to from Wecoline at the Zwolle location a few weeks ago. Gilian says: ‘During the training we learned exactly what type of pads to use for which type of floor. Depending on the type of floor, you need one or two pads to strip and clean the floor and then you use another cleaning pad to polish the floor. After the theoretical part, we were able to apply the acquired knowledge directly in practice at a school where we take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the floor. The training allows me to explain to my customers exactly which cleaning system is best used for cleaning and maintaining their floors. I can convince them more easily and that gives me confidence in my work.’

Faster and chemical-free 

In the meantime, Gilian and his colleagues use the Bright ’n Water pads to the max when cleaning and maintaining floors. Like most recently at a day-care centre, Gilian says. ‘We use the Bright ‘n Water pads in combination with a single-disc machine, which allows you to make rapid progress. The result is that in one day, we clear out the rooms, clean and maintain the floors and then put the furniture back. Children’s day care centres, but also care institutions, for example, really appreciate this. What’s more, the cleaning and maintenance of floors with the Bright ’n Water pads does not require any chemicals, which is once again a great added value for our employees, our clients and the environment. I am personally very excited about this new cleaning system from Wecoline floors.’

‘You get the best possible result if you employ expert cleaning professionals and use the best cleaning systems’

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Fabian Soffers

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