A healthy, safe and vibrant working environment

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Research shows that cleaners’ health is a serious issue in the industry (RAS & SPDI, 2021).* Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is an important topic in the sector. Most complaints that occur are in the arms, neck and shoulders.

We also see these complaints reflected in the outflow from the sector to the WIA, which is high compared with the national average: the 2019 WIA inflow rate is 0.63 (national rate: 0.28) and is thus the highest in the Netherlands (RAS & SPDI, 2021). A common diagnosis is carpal tunnel syndrome (pain/tingling in the thumb, fingers and palm), which is often caused by bending and by wringing cloths during cleaning.

The research concluded that the use of instruments and tools aimed at preventing physical complaints due to cleaning is very important. Our Wecoline products can help with this. Working ergonomically is the solution to preventing complaints. Our microfibre cloths, ergonomic spray bottle and ergonomic spray handle make it possible to work ergonomically.

The benefits

  • With our microfibre cloths, only water is needed for cleaning.
  • Water can be drawn from the ergonomic spray bottle, so bending and wringing is no longer necessary.
  • With the spray handle, there is always water at hand. At the touch of a button, water sprays out of the handle, allowing you to start mopping straight away. Bending and wringing is no longer necessary.
  • Cleaners make a difference – and we’re proud of that.

Source: Raad voor Arbeidsverhoudingen Schoonmaak- en Glazenwassers branche (RAS) en Sociale partners samen voor duurzame inzetbaarheid (SPDI)

Source: https://www.ras.nl/onderzoek-zwaar-werk-in-de-schoonmaak-en-glazenwassersbranche/

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