Clean 'n Easy: good cleaning reamains important

Cleaning is still essential in 2022. It remains important for cleaning to be done properly and for the right cleaning materials to be used.

In these times, it’s very important to clean properly in healthcare institutions – for example, in disabled care or nursing homes.

More and more attention is being paid to infection prevention in small disabled care institutions, but there is still room for improvement (Health and Youth Care Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, 2021). In addition, in some nursing homes, infection prevention and hygiene could still benefit from some attention, according to the health inspectorate (, 2021).

Healthcare professionals are already well aware of the importance of good infection prevention, for example when using gloves or cleaning. It is important for healthcare providers to become (and remain) even more aware of the importance of good infection prevention. Cleaning methods can be improved – three-quarters of institutions do not use the right disinfectants (Health and Youth Care Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, 2021). In addition, many institutions do not clean and disinfect adequately, or use the wrong means (, 2021). In these times, it is more important than ever for cleaning and disinfection to be done properly, and our Clean ’n Easy range can help.

For cleaning and disinfection we have Clean ’n Easy single-use concepts available in our product range. The single-use concepts, as the word suggests, are ideal for single use in healthcare institutions.

We offer two single-use products:

Ready-to-use cloths

The advantage of the ready-to-use cloths range is that the cloths are immediately ready for use to clean the desired surface. This saves an enormous amount of time. The cloth is also suitable for relatively large surfaces.

Single-use microfibre cloths and mops

The Wecoline Clean ’n Easy single-use microfibre cloths and mops do need to be dampened by the customer. After these cloths have been used to clean the surface, Wecoline disinfection spray can be used effectively when disinfection is necessary. This is a unique product with a one-minute application time for bacteria, yeasts and viruses – including the Covid-19 virus.

The process starts with the removal of any visible dirt present. After this, you can start cleaning the surface. Surface cleaning involves removing invisible organic material to prevent organisms from surviving, multiplying or spreading. Once the surface has been properly cleaned, it can be disinfected if necessary.

Our Clean ’n Easy products are a great solution for creating a clean, safe and hygienic environment – something that is crucial in these times.

Source: (Health and Youth Care Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, 2021)

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