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Interclean 2024

Get to know Wecoline's innovative cleaning concepts? Then sign up for the professional cleaning and hygiene fair: Interclean. At stand 01.111 we will introduce you to our products and you will see a number of products in action during demonstrations. Interclean 2024 Amsterdam will take place from May 14 to 17, 2024. A ticket through Wecoline provides free access to all days of the exhibition.

Discover our innovative products

During the exhibition we would like to show you our innovative and sustainable cleaning concepts. How about toilet cleaning with ultrasonic vibrations, for example? Or chemical-free window washing with ozone water? We will display all our unique concepts at Interclean 2024 in Amsterdam. We'll tell you all about the benefits and give you demonstrations so you get a perfect picture. Read more about our cleaning solutions below.

BubbleFlush close-up geheel


The BubbleFlush uses ultrasonic vibrations to create small, powerful air bubbles. These bubbles implode, effortlessly removing limescale and adhered dirt from the toilet without the need for harmful chemicals. This saves approximately 1.5 liters of chemicals per toilet annually, contributing to a cleaner environment and reducing plastic, waste, transport, and water usage.

Moreover, it improves wastewater quality and reduces exposure to chemical substances for cleaning staff. Additionally, staff benefit from the minimal physical effort required. Interested in BubbleFlush?

Wecovi - Carabao

Carabao flat mop concept

The Wecoline Carabao is developed in collaboration with Moerman, the Wecoline Carabao flat mop concept is a major innovation in floor cleaning. The system is distinguished by its ergonomic, telescopic handle with an optional spray unit and a unique tri-oval shape for better grip. The magnetic frame allows for up to four times faster mop side switching. The special rib design of the mop enables more pressure to be applied during cleaning, providing a 2.5 times larger cleaning reach compared to traditional flat mops.

The Carabao flat mop concept is compatible with all Wecoline flat mops, including the Allure and standard flat mop systems with Velcro. It offers an efficient and ergonomic solution for floor cleaning in various environments.


Tool belt

The Wecovi Tool belt offers an extra tool in convenient locations, giving you more freedom of movement and comfort while cleaning. The design features an adjustable buckle that fits from XS to XL, making it suitable for everyone. You have several storage options, including a hidden zip pocket for your phone, cards and pen, as well as a carabiner for your keys. As standard, the bag comes with 2 large and 2 small pouches, all waterproof and easy to maintain. Optionally, you can get a washing net. Moreover, you can customise the bag for up to 3 large and 3 small bags, or 2 large and 4 small bags, depending on your needs. Choose versatility and convenience in your cleaning routine with the Wecovi Tool belt!


Wecoline 3R microvezeldoek

Microfiber cleaning

Micorfiber is now indispensable in the cleaning industry due to the unique properties of microfiber fabric. These fibers have a high absorption capacity and can hold up to seven times their own weight in moisture. Microfiber products, such as cloths, mops, and towels, are particularly effective for cleaning purposes.

In addition to their effectiveness, microfiber products are sustainable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and require less water and no harmful chemicals. This makes it an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.


Tersano ozonated water cleaning

Cleaning with Tersano ozonated water means cleaning without detergents. The system is easy to use: with the press of a button, ozone is added to stable water, ready to be used in spray bottles or mop handles. This not only makes cleaning safer and more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective as there are no expenses for chemical cleaning products.

3. Chemieloze pads

Bright 'n Water pads

The Bright 'n Water pads offer an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for floor cleaning. Remove dirt and stains using only water, without chemicals. These pads are specially designed for use with various machines and are suitable for different floor types, from marble to concrete.

In addition to the Bright 'n Water line, Wecoline also offers Full Cycle pads, which go a step further in environmental friendliness. They are sustainably produced and decompose more quickly after use.