Tranzero en Wecovi

TranZero en Wecovi sluiten exclusieve samenwerking voor de BubbleFlush

We are proud to inform you about our exclusive cooperation with TranZero regarding the BubbleFlush. The cooperation for this innovation started in the spring of 2021. In the last 10 months, the contact between TranZero and Wecovi has intensified and both companies became more and more enthusiastic. This exclusive cooperation became official on Monday 21 February 2022.


TranZero invents and develops sustainable, green products. With the jointly developed product Wecoline BubbleFlush, TranZero focuses on transforming the cleaning chain to an environmentally friendly way of toilet cleaning.

TranZero will take on product development and production within this partnership. Wecovi will focus on marketing and sales of the Wecoline BubbleFlush.

What exactly is the Wecoline BubbleFlush?

The Wecoline BubbleFlush is the world's first active toilet cleaning system that cleans toilet bowls without the use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents. The patented product works with ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations create small powerful bubbles in the water that eventually implode with force to remove chalk and attached dirt from the toilet in no time. The Wecoline BubbleFlush is held in the toilet bowl with no physical force required from the cleaning staff.

Sustainable cleaning with the BubbleFlush

Using the Wecoline BubbleFlush eliminates the need for daily and periodic toilet cleaning agents. Only the Wecoline BubbleFlush is needed to clean the inside. Because cleaning products are no longer used, this innovation reduces the use of plastic, waste, transportation and water consumption is reduced. Other results are cleaner wastewater and improved waste management. By using the Wecoline BubbleFlush, cleaners are less exposed to cleaning agents.

Our colleagues tell you all about the Wecoline BubbleFlush in the videos below:

Interested in the Wecoline BubbleFlush?

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